Our Mission

We are designed to deliver differently. Stock Market decisions in today’s volatile business environment are complex and governed by various aspects which a layman may overlook. And this is where our team of experts puts in their efforts to suggest outcomes to our valued subscribers that are beyond expectations. At Veye it’s our constant endeavour to keep you one step ahead.

We truly believe “Your success is our success” and drive all our strategies and analysis with the sole aim of helping you achieve it. Our mission is to find undervalued companies that present an immediate opportunity for you to invest for the long term.

Our Analytics All our analysis is based on the following aspects:


We evaluate the fundamental strength of the company deeply by assessing its earnings, profits and debts. We gauge if the company has the potential to come out of any business constraints with flying colours. This recommendation requires an in-depth DNA analysis of the company financials and it evolves around questions like:

  • What’s the nature of business of the company?
  • Who are their customers?
  • What is the investment return percentage in the past?
  • Who is the CEO of the company and its management and their strategy to drive the business?

Macro Picture

As investors, we rely on the investment merits of individuals stocks and often overlook what’s happening in the larger global or macro-economic context may also have an impact on our investment results. At Veye, our analysts always keep this aspect in-scope of our recommendations. We not only analyse employment & interest rates in Australia and its’ effects on the market but also take into account the end user commodity that the company we recommend to invest, is producing/manufacturing/selling. For example, if we are recommending our subscribers to invest in stocks of an oil company, our experts study the demand and supply pattern of oil in the market.

Contrarian Approach

As the name suggests it is an investment style that goes contrary (read against) to the prevailing market trends by buying poorly performing assets and then selling when they perform well. A contrarian investor usually enters the market when others are feeling negative about it and the specific stock value is lower than its intrinsic value. When there is an overarching pessimistic sentiment on a stock, it has the possibility of lowering the price so low, the downfalls and risks of the company's stock are overblown. Our analysts figure out which distressed stocks to buy and sell them once the company recovers, thus boosting the stock value and leading to securities returning gains much higher than usual.


We identify & interpret technical patterns, trends, signals and indicators which drive the behaviour of price. This helps us make recommendations that may help you get out of bad trades quickly and stay in good one’s longer.