What is Teams Integration

Microsoft Teams is a powerful tool that gives a wide platform to facilitates teamwork by bringing apps, chats, files, and video calling together into a shared workplace. Teams integrate with Microsoft’s Office 365 productivity suite and feature extensions, can integrate with other third parties apps to make working easier and efficient. The Microsoft Project opens the door for dispersed teams to work at a common space and share relevant data in real-time. Project and Planner can be integrated as a tab in Microsoft Teams Channel. With Microsoft Teams, no-code custom app experience can be achieved right into your Team’s workspace to elevate your team’s productivity.

With cloud collaboration tools in Office 365, you can have real-time virtual access to your project information from anywhere and at any time that allows the connected teams to work together for taking the project towards the path of success. Microsoft teams allow you to organize projects, files, and groups of people so that all can work collectively to make decisions that will result in profitable completion of the project. With Teams Integration, you make the complex task of project management easier.

Teams Integration

Best features – all in one place

Pros of Microsoft Teams Integration:

  • Effective Communication: Bring your team on a common page with online meetings, callings, group chats, and web conferencing to drive better outcomes.
  • Better Team Work: Information and data can be easily shared in real-time with project online that facilitates better coordination among team members.
  • Personification: The Teams integration platform can be customized and extensible as per the specific requirements of a project.
  • Highly Secure: Data and information shared on Microsoft Teams is secured and can be controlled by an administrator for driving better insights.

Grow Together with Microsoft Teams:

  • Integrating Planner with Teams: Make resource allocation easier with Gantt charts and calendar and facilitate collaborative working to boost profit margins.
  • Project Online with Teams: Make communication between dispersed teams more effective and hit project deadlines like a pro.
  • Power BI with Teams: Analyze data and share insights in no time. With this technology, monitor your business closely and get on-the-spot answers with rich dashboards available for every device.

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