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Fucen Sewing is the leading provider of the best Fully Automatic Surgical Mask Making Machines. The machines are backed with advanced technology and can help you turn your raw materials into finished products in comparatively less time and as seamlessly as possible. They not only help you cut fabrics but overall production costs too.

Fully Automatic Surgical Mask Making Machine

A fully automatic surgical mask making machine is manufactured with the assistance of brilliant engineers and state-of-the-art technology owing to which it offers high production capabilities without any compromise on quality. This fully automated workstation is divided into 3 sections, one is for mask body making, and the remaining two are for ear loop welding. The embossing process carried out by the machine is outstanding, and the welding effect is also quite appreciable. In addition to this, its production capacity can also be adjusted as per the requirements, from 3-5 layers materials to a finished speed of about 80 pieces per minute. If you want to bring efficiency in your mask production unit, then our fully automatic surgical mask making machine is the one that is worth your investment.


Voltage 220V 50 HZ
Power 7 KW
Production Speed 30-80 pcs/min
Weight 1420 Kg / 1000 Kg
Packing Dimension 1800*1111*1820*1480*830*1400mm
Installation Dimension 4800*3000 mm
Description of Goods Packing Size (M) (L*W*H) UNIT QTY VOLUME(CBM) NET WEIGHT (KG) GROSS WEIGHT (KG)
Automatic Surgical Mask Making Machine Discharge Conveyor 1.6 0.6 0.8 PC 1 0.72 125 130
  1.6 0.6 0.8 PC 1 0.72 125 130
Distibuting conveyor 2.95 0.9 1.1 PC 1 2.92 250 260
Rack 2.4 0.2 0.75 PC 1 0.36 220 230
Earloop welding machine 2 1 1.5 PC 1 3.00 175 180
2 1 1.5 PC 1 3.00 175 180
Mask shapping machine 2 0.8 1.1 PC 1 1.76 300 310
Total 7 12.4850 1370 1420

Why Us?

The machines are engineered, keeping in mind every feature a manufacturer has always desired.


Fully automatic machines that can work efficiently with negligible human support once they have been programmed and started.


When it comes to quality, our fully automatic machines have no match. You can keep your mind at ease and let the machine do all the work.


Our machines are compliant with CE certificates and all other necessary certificates.


The ongoing pandemic has raised the demand for Mask Making Machines across the globe. To meet this demand, we have increased our production lines to timely deliver our machines to our clients located in different corners of the world. Request you to mention your requirements clearly while contacting us.

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