Smart Door Lock

Smarter ways to protect what you value the most

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Multiple ways to unlock with
the option of using dual Unlocking methods for extra security



Smart Card



Mechanical Key

World's Safest Smart Lock


Stores upto 20 different pass-codes

Finger Print Sensor

Stores upto 100 unique finger prints

Mechanical Key

Use the mechanical key in case of emergency


Unlock by press of a button

Ecasa Smart Card

Unlock your door with a single touch with ecasa smart card

Child/Privacy Lock

Prevent your kids from accidentally unlocking the door

Dual Mode Encryption

Use dual inscription to unlock the door i.e. fingerprint + password

Party Mode

This mode needs no authentication and keeps the door unlock

LCD Screen

Best in its class LCD display

Voice Assistant

Gives you voice feedback of the actions

Specification Parameters

MaterialZinc Alloy, Plastic & Stainless Steel
Lock Height39 cm
ColorBlack & Copper
Door Thickness35-120 MM
Power4 AA Batteries
Low Voltage AlarmBelow 4.8 V
Battery Life SpanSupport 10,000 Times of Locking & Unlocking Operation
Card TypeMF1 Card
Package Dimension46*27*13 CM
Weight4 KG
Tamper ProofYes

30,000.00 21,000.00