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Unlike a multitude of other wellbeing and healthy lifestyle venues, like fitness clubs or yoga studios, we do not limit ourselves to just one field of workout practice…
Our studio in Cheyenne, Wyoming offers a unique combo of both the body revitalizing fitness routines and the mind refreshing and soothin’ yoga practices!


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Body & Mind Intact!


We’re one of the few studios not just in Wyoming, but in the US, who decided to test a universal combination…

That is the power of the fitness routine for your body and the yoga practices for your mind!

Read more about our Fitness & Yoga services and do not hesitate to sign up!

Keep yourself upbeat all-around!

Fitness & Yoga

For Kids

While workout classes for kids are just on the rise nationwide, we’ve already got your family covered!

With 2 highly experienced and extremely communicative coaches in charge, our special classes for kids (6-16) incorporate such activities, as:


  • Basic Crossfit
  • General Fitness
  • Iyengar Yoga

Summertime Discounts

25% Off

Everyone knows, that there’s no other time like the summer when the workout practices popularity skyrockets so much!

Of course, there’s a very good reason for that – the sunbathing season, which is once again upon us…

So we’ve got great news for you:

If you decide to sign up for our Fitness or Yoga this summertime, to keep your shape up, you will be awarded with a 25% price cut, right away, till the end of August!

Marie Steward

While I lived in Chicago, IL, I used to keep my body and mind up by attending both fitness and yoga classes, separately… Imagine how surprised and overjoyed I was, when here in Cheyenne I was able to find a studio that offers both of these types of practices, at one place? I signed up instantly!

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